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Veteran actor chief Kanran to spend N50m on 50th anniversary celebration

Veteran actor, Chief Kanran, is ready to roll out the drums as he celebrates his 50th anniversary
as an actor. In an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, the actor revealed that about N50m would be spent on the weeklong celebration.
He said that the money would be got from well
meaning Nigerians, government and corporate
“The chairman of the occasion is Deji Etiiwe, who
is an actor, publisher and producer. The event
would last for a week. There will be a three-day
performance, a seminar has been lined up and I
will also be launching a book titled, ‘Who is Segun
Remi?’ I also have a movie that I want to launch.
During the weeklong celebration, there will be a
dinner and award night which is aimed at
celebrating prominent Nigerians who have made
their marks in the society. Veterans in the industry
will be recognized, especially those that are hardly
celebrated. With each award given, I intend to
back it up with either money or a gift that will
forever be appreciated by the recipients. We are
going to partner with the government and well-
meaning Nigerians to sponsor the event; it’s going
to be elegant. The event will cost about N50m but
various companies and the government would be
sponsors. It will be to their advantage because it
will be an avenue for them to advertise their
products. The government, both states and
federal, would be a part of the celebration
because it is their way of appreciating an artiste
who has been making the country proud for over
half a century,” he said.
He described his journey to stardom as a rough
one, noting that he has never regretted being an
He said, “The journey to stardom has been rough
but we thank God for the past 50 years. All
through my 50 years as an actor, I have never
regretted my choice of career. However, it makes
me sad when I travel and see our contemporaries
abroad. An actor of my caliber should be a
billionaire by now but such is not the case in
Nigeria. Our government does not appreciate our
profession. The only time we are useful to them is
during political campaigns or when they want to
publicise themselves and that is not right. From
the days of Ogunde, artistes have been neglected
by the government. If Ogunde did not have
property which he used as collateral to obtain
loans for his celluloid films, only God knows what
would have happened to his career. Look at Baba
Sala who went to borrow money to shoot a
movie, he was wrecked by pirates. I am also a
victim of piracy. Four years ago, I spent over N8m
on a project but I cannot premiere it because I
am scared of pirates. Apart from that, I am
thanking God for everything. I am glad that
anytime I walk on the streets, people would wave
at me. I thank God that I am still seen as a

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