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“Dear Dr Bukola Saraki, I have restrained myself from commenting on the confusion that the NASS has
suddenly become under your watch for many reasons, top of which was because I felt some conflict was normal in a political party that was a marriage of necessity amongst warlords with
differing political orientation and philosophy. I however assumed that since we fought so hard together to effect Change for the sake of country,
you all will be guided by the patriotic zeal to put Nigeria first…I guessed WRONG! Frankly, I had no angst that you emerged Senate President because, as the Senate Rule says, it is an election of one by his peers. You actually had a right to aspire and most Nigerians were willing to cut you some slack on the issue…however , you were too impatient and hasty by the ambush strategy you employed…tant amount to a hostile takeover of the Upper Chambers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! If you had been less arrogant and desperate, you could have still won that election with all the APC Senators in the Chambers…but
you needed to prove a point ( one wonders to whom) and in that power drunk stupor, you mortgaged the Change millions of Nigerians laboured for; some lost lives and limbs for what
you treated with disdain by ceding your Deputy position to the PDP in exchange for their support!That was the height of insensitivity sir! As if that
was not enough disrespect of our collective mandate, today,you openly defied your party again by disregarding the party’s choice of
principal officers in spite of a formal letter to that effect! In other words, Senator Saraki, you became a law unto yourself and a sole political platform which incidentally is not known or
recognized in our constitution. In view of these your recent actions, one cannot but ask “who exactly do you think you are sir?” Are you greater
than the collective will of a people? Why must you throw the nation into turmoil simply because you
want your way? Did Nigerians vote for you to dominate the political space or dictate our priorities for us? Was your name on ANY ballot paper in the last elections? Save for your senatorial constituency, did you traverse the 36
states and Abuja canvassing for our votes? Just in case you have conveniently forgotten, Nigerians
voted in their majority for the APC, a political party that sold its CHANGE vision to us. We rejected the PDP with its TRANSFORMATION agenda that was leading us nowhere fast. For you
to reintegrate the PDP into our CHANGE government just because of your singular ambition is to exalt yourself above and beyond all of our collective wills…that is unacceptable sir! It has been rumoured that all this disrespect is about posturing for 2019. I sure hope not! How do you expect us to entrust our collective destinies to a
man who cannot be accountable to Authority? If you are too haughty to submit to your party, the platform upon which you were elected into the
Senate, who will you be accountable to if you ever become President? The adage says “morning shows the day”. Mr Senate President (by hostile takeover) it is no longer amusing neither is it entertaining anymore. It is now getting really annoying and downright irritating. All the carrying
ons need to stop forthwith as you are fast losing the goodwill bump you had when Nigerians thought you were a victim of an imposition cabal.
It is now clear to all that you are most probably the aggressor and not the victim. Sole dictatorship is no longer in vogue as a political ideology. Even
the bible says “two heads are better than one”.No matter how erroneous your party position might appear to you, as commonly said in boarding schools back in the 1980s, you “Obey
first, and then complain!” Please sir, as much as I really don’t want to burst your bubble, this is really NOT about you! It is about millions whose daily livelihood is threatened by an economy on the brink of collapse; It’s about millions of children whose education is inadequate and irregular; it’s about millions of unemployed youths whose future is bleak unless the change
that they braved intimidation and oppression for starts to happen fast! Those are the headlines we want to wake up to; those issues are what we
expected to dominate our airwaves not your personal tussle for power in your own self delusory “Game of Thrones” soap opera. Enough already please! This is definitely NOT the CHANGE
we voted for!”

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