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caught up with one of the directors making waves in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood, Kayode Adebayo. The movie  director opens up on his life, career, relationship and plans for the future.
Enjoy excerpts from the interview
 Can we meet you please?
My names are Adebayo kayode Olusegun Micheal, I am the first child in a family of 6, 4 boys and 2 girls. I was born and raised in Lagos, Gbagada to be precise, but both my parents are from Ogun State. My dad is from Ijebu Ode, while my mum is from Epe.
Tell us a little about your educational background 
I attended Ifako primary school in Gbagada and then went to Bariga comprehensive high school ifako, Gbagada. I did a pre degree course in LASU before going to Olabisi Onabanjo University, where I studied computer science. I later did a Diploma Course in Kenya on film production and directing at Hot Sun Foundation, Nairobi, Kenya.image
You studied computer science, so how did you end up in the entertainment world?
It all started from church, I was in the drama group at Williams Memorial Anglican church Gbagada. I use to be very shy, although I am still shy, but not like before (smile), but my Pastor and my coordinator use to encourage me, they keep telling that I can do it. So I started gradually, and when I got to the university, I joined the drama troupe and my coordinator then Yetunde Adegoke supported me wholeheartedly.
 So how did you join the movie world?
It all happened way back in 2003, when I met Olawale Kayode, he is a DOP (Director of Photography). I told him I love to act because then I use to write script, poems, do greeting cards and many other things. So I believe I have the talent and can achieve more if I’m into movies and entertainment generally. So he took me to Odunfa in Ebutte Metta, but when I got there, they told me to pay 30k (thirty thousand naira) and bring 2 guarantors. That was a lot of money that time and I can’t tell my dad about it, because apart from my education, he wants me to be playing basketball, while I prefer football and acting.image
So did you pay the 30k?
No I couldn’t, it was a big money that time.
Then what happened?
I stayed back in school during holidays, so anytime Olawale is going to Bayowa or Pasuma’s location, he will invite me and show me one or two things till I met Sunkanmi Omobolanle. It was Sunkanmi who introduced me to Sadiq Adebayo and from there I became a member one of the Adebayo family
How come you’re not acting, but directing?
A combination of many factors, firstly I am a shy person and cannot stand the publicity or fame that comes with it. I can’t stand how people hail the actors on the street. Secondly, I believe that I am not handsome enough to get roles, my thought then was that you have to have a fine face to be casted for any major role.
 So like how many movies did you do before you changed your mind?
Ummmmmn…. Like 6
 So what year exactly did you joined the industry?
Professionally 2003
Have u produced any?
Yes I have produced 5 movies. Ayinde Ogo,  Anu,  Iyawo Ajanpe,  Wehinwo and Atunida Leyi
Do you have a best friend in the industry?
My brain is my best friend, but has close friends in the industry
I am sure you won’t mind working with anybody, but tell us few actors and actresses you always love working with
I love working with everybody but people like Tayo Sobola, Mercy Ebosele,  Mide Martins, Kemi Taofeek, Femi Adebayo, Yemi Ogunmola, Damola Olatunji, Lateef Adedimeji, Tunde Owokoniran, Bisola  and so on. To be sincere, I have always been working with great cast and crew
 So you have directed up to how many movies now?image

Seriously, I have lost count
Of all the movies you’ve directed, which one is the most challenging?
IDAKEJI IFE by Tayo Sobola (Sotayo)
Rotor concepts: What makes ‘IDAKEJI IFE’ challenging?
I see every job as a new challenge, but IDAKEJI IFE happens to be extra ordinary because I worked with entirely different cast and crew on the project. I find myself in a situation whereby only the producer believe in you and all others are just waiting to see what you want to do and say. At the end of the job, several people came to congratulate me on a job well done. To cap it all, I even got 3 different scripts on that same set.
Is it true that most directors demand sex for role from upcoming actresses?
I do hear that but the truth is any director that does that is a quack and is inviting curse on himself
What is going on between you and Tayo Sobola (Sotayo) are you dating her?
No oooo, I am not dating her, apart from the fact that we have a working relationship, she is also my bestie of life
 Is that why you always display her picture on your phone?
What is your view on sex before marriage?
The Bible frowns at it, but I am human and not in a position to say anything, but…nobody holy pass. (Laughs)
 Tell us about your happiest moment in the Industry 
It was when the first job I directed was released. The movie was titled ‘Atunida Leyi’
What about your saddest day, if any?
It was the day I was embarrassed by Pa Kasunmi (Kayode Odumosu) on movie set; he called me names and said I was useless. The producer too did not help matters; she too was insulting me at will. It was an unforgettable event for me and I cried throughout that day. Today, it’s a different ball game entirely; I am the happiest man on earth
 Are you married or in a relationship?
I am not married, but have a 2 year old son. Smith Anjola Adebayo
We know you’re very good in what you do, what is your secret?
I won’t say I’m good, I am just trying and God is helping me. So, it’s God, prayers and maybe because my belief is different from the norm
Any award to your name?
Yes to the glory of God, I won two last year
so when you are not working, how do you unwind?image
I swim; listen to music and married to ps2&3
 Which celebrity would you like to meet?
Clint Eastwood
Do you have any advise for upcoming artists?
they should not lose focus, stay strong even though the road may be rough, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel
 Do you have your own drama school?
yes, Alubarika School of Performing Art and it is in Ikorodu, Ibadan and Osun State
 and message to you fans?
 my message to my fans is simple, firstly, i thank them for their support, prayers and advice. I am also using this medium to tell them that I love them, appreciate them and my best is yet to come
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