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my memorable day as a producer…kehinde Adeyemi


The name kehinde Adeyemi is a house hold name in yoruba movie industry no doubt he is one best production manager in yoruba movie industry,he command respect from both stars and up and coming actors because of his experiences he has,in this interview he talks about his life, and how everything started.

Can we get to meet you Sir?

My name is kehinde Adeyemi,I was born and brought in Lagos but am from ORO in kwara state,irepodun local government Am an Actor,film producer and production manager


How did you venture into industry?

Through a brother that we came from the same town and the same state ,Alhaji Ganiu Olayinka Quadri popularly know as Masomo


How long have you been in the

movie industry?

I started 1993 I joined Odunfa caucus through Alh.Yinka quadri and the group comprises of Yinka quadri,Ogogo and Abbey Lanre.


Which movie project brought you into limelight?

The movie that brought me out was produced by Jide kosoko 1998,Amina Eleha and later changed the title to AFOMA.I played the role of detective in the movie and that was the turning point of my career.


What would you have ventured into if

you were not acting?

Oh that will surely be Business, I like anything business buying and selling goods beside that was what my parents does,

but I have passion for acting since I was young and later I see that there many thing you can do apart from acting,so I decided to join the league production managers am one of the best production manager in the industry, am a producer as well you can see that I don’t normally feature in movies but behind the camera as PM


What are the challenges of being an actor and a producer?

Challenges of being actor and producer, to do two things at a time is not an easy task that’s why I don’t normally act on set so that I can face my work as a producer and production manager,we also need government support,go to foreign country government gave people in entertainment support but not here in Nigeria,piracy is another big challenge that we are facing we producers will don’t make money from our movie job because viewers at home prefer to buy pirated copy to the original copy,government should help the industry to fight piracy.


How many movies do you have

to your credit?

Have produced many films but let me mention few out of them like my first film Eye ega,Omotola,Oloko,Odolaye,Adagbaje Raufu,Olohuwa,ile Olorogun,Adisa Olowodan,Akobi,Baba Oja,Abesujobi and so on


Why are the producers not smiling?

How can we smile when the government are not ready to support the industry to fight piracy because without government intervention we can’t do anything on our own, and as for marketers there distribution strategy is not enough because you can’t stay here in Lagos and people in northern state or southern part to come down to lagos and get those movies,so they actually gives room for piracy in the industry because of their poor distribution system.


What do you think is the way out of the mess?

Until government give us full support in fighting piracy and support us financially


Which actor do you doff your hat for in


Jide Kosoko, Yinka Quadri ,give them any role to play they will do it perfect and Babasuwe my friend as comedian because to make people laugh is not easy oh. Without him talking reaction alone will make you laught.


How would you rate Nollywood among other movie industries?

We are getting there but we still have some work to do.


Your memorable day as a producer?

The day I produced my first movie EIYE EGA


What about your saddest day or

occasion in the industry?

I don’t like to talk about it again and I don’t want to remember any longer,i leave everything to God. God is helping me so I don’t need to remember that again.


Finally, any message for your

fans and what should they be expecting from you?

My fans, I thank them all both home and abroad.I appreciate them all and I still need their prayers and I promise I won’t disappoint them.God bless me,God bless them and God bless Nigeria


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