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Messi faces jail prospect as judge throws out appeal

Barcelona playmaker, Lionel Messi faces the
prospect of jail term on account of allegations
of tax fraud after his appeal against a court
trial was thrown out on Thursday.
The judge ruled that the prosecution would
now go ahead as he did not believe that the
Argentina captain was not aware of his
father’s dealings.
Messi and his father are said to have evaded
tax payments to Spain on Messi’s image rights
be channeling the payments through ‘offshore
tax havens to avoid the full taxes being paid in
When the news
first broke in
2013, Messi’s family made payments of
millions of euros to cover the unpaid taxes
from past years.
“A key element in Messi’s case seems to be the
clandestine nature of the tiered arrangement,”
reports forbes.com.
“The deal was structured to keep his name
hidden. The Spanish prosecutor alleges that
money was routed through U.K. and Swiss
companies and then to companies in Uruguay
and Belize. The reason? To make it opaque.
Messi disclosed to a court in Gava in
September 2013, that he did not look after the
details of his own finances.
Forbes continued: “All indications are that
Lionel Messi and his father have tried to settle
their tax case and to pay the money and move
“But the message coming from Spanish
authorities has been a stern one. They have
been accused of evading 4.2 million euros in
tax on earnings from sponsors.”
If they are found guilty, then both father and
son will have to do some jail time.

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