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Ajijijaga and Taiwo’s marriage in November 2012 created buzz in the society and in the media considering the yawning gap in their ages. But to the besotted couple, age was just
a number. While the famous actor was close to 60, his new bride was 26. The famous actor in his response to questions on why he was marrying a younger lover said:
“The issue of age is nothing here. What we have in common and that is abounding is love. Though I have other children from my former wife whom I did not actually marry legally, my
new wife means the whole world to me. This is my first time of getting married in life. I love her and she loves me, that is all that counts. It’s about love, not age.”At the burial in Akiale, Ogun State, it was obvious Taiwo was in her last trimester and may soon deliver. Her first child to the late actor, a boy christened Olamilekan Rahman is
barely one and a half years old and would soon have company in the soon to be delivered baby.
The late actor, according to family sources died in his birthday month, July. However, hours after the interment of the remains of veteran actor, Muftau Sanni Adio
popularly known as Ajigi Jaga, his first son,
Rasheed, has described him as a wonderful
and loving father. Rashidi, told E24-7
MAGAZINE, that unlike the toughie character
he often played in movies, he was a caring
man and father.
Speaking about his late dad, he said, “He was
my father and nobody can know him better
than me. There were three things I knew
about him: He was a very religious person, and
he inculcated that in us as well. He never
joked with his prayers. He was also very
truthful, and he kept his promises. If he told
you he will go somewhere with you, he would
do just that. The last thing is that he was very
generous, and he was always giving to people.
He hated to see anybody lacking around him.”
According to Rashidi, his father’s on-screen
character was very different from his real self.
He said, “You know he was an actor and that
was what put food on his table. It was not his
real character at all; his behavior at home was
far different from what you watched in
On the circumstances surrounding his death,
Rashidi said, “He wasn’t sick. He actually fell
off a bike during an accident, and he was even
getting better before he died. I was still with
him on Monday, and we spoke till about 12pm
on Thursday. I was on my way to Lagos from
Abeokuta when I was called on the phone that
he couldn’t talk again. When I got there, he
was gasping for breath, and I carried him,
asking what was wrong with him. By the time I
placed him on my chest, he gave up. It was
just like he was waiting for me.”
He continued, “He was buried at Akinale after
Wasimi in Abeokuta because he was a prince
there. His elder brother is the current king of
the town.”
Rashidi, who is a Fuji artiste, noted that his
father supported his choice of career. In his
words, “He gave me his support; you know
music and movies are all under
Ajigijaga’s first wife, who gave birth to Rashidi
and two others died 13 years ago.
Source: E24-7 MAGAZINE

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