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I’ve apologised to Kenny Ogungbe – Ruggedman

Controversial artiste, Ruggedman, was definitely
not one of Kenny Ogungbe’s best friends
especially after ‘dissing’ the Kennis Music boss in
his then hit song, Ehen.
But now, Ruggedy Baba, as he is also known, may
have realised his mistakes as he told Saturday
Beats recently that he had apologised to Baba
Keke (as Ogungbe is also called).
“When I did the song, Ehen, I didn’t really know
him. But I believe I had to do what I did.
Whenever anyone asked me about the song, I
would say it was not a personal thing but a
musical thing. Whenever I see Baba Keke, I greet
him and I give him his respect because he is older
than me.
“Right now, everybody is enjoying because of
what I did back then. Even if they do not want to
give me the due credit, people who know the
truth know it. From my end, myself and Kenny
Ogungbe are fine and I have actually apologised
because I believe that if you do something that
annoys an elder and you cannot apologise, then it
is personal. I have seen him and apologised and
we have partied together a lot and anywhere I
see him, I greet him,” he said.
But Baba Keke wasn’t the only person that
Ruggedy fell out with.
Back in the days, he and another rap artiste,
Mode9, were reportedly at loggerheads and even
went as far as recording ‘beef’ songs targeted at
each other.
But Ruggedman told Saturday Beats he did not
have any issue with Mode9 because the rap
artiste did not mention his name in any of his
‘beef’ songs.
Ruggedman said, “Mode9 is a rap artiste like me
but unfortunately for him, he has some issues
with me. But then, in most of his songs, he never
came out to mention my name. That is why I did a
song called, To Whom it May Concern. If he wants
to talk about me, he should say it to let me hear
and he should call my name. He never called my
name, so as far as I am concerned, he was not
talking to me. I am a very direct person and when
people said I should reply him, I asked on what
basis? Mode9 was just rapping and rappers brag.
When it comes to me and Mode9, we are both
rappers, doing what we know how to do best. Like
I always say, I wish everybody the best.”
Ruggedman was also in a messy scandal when it
was alleged that he had an affair with 9ice’s ex-
wife, Toni Payne, leading to the crisis in the
The rapper denied the incident and said that all
he was trying to do was to clear his name from
the messy scandal.
“As for 9ice, I have not seen him in a long time but
all I wanted to do was to clear my name from the
whole issue that happened. To me, it was a bad
thing. In Nigeria, it is bad to be branded as a
home breaker and that was why I fought tooth
and nail to clear my name. I never had any issue
with 9ice and he never told me directly that he
had any issue with me. Even in his song, Once
Beaten, Twice Shy, he never mentioned my name;
neither did he mention Toni Payne.
“I did not reply the song but I talked to him
because it was his song that was causing the
whole problem. I called him like a friend was
supposed to do and told him that his song was
causing some issues that I did not like. I asked if
he was talking about me and he said no and I told
him to tell his publicist to clear my name but he
refused and I wondered why. I watch too many
American movies, so I recorded the phone
conversation because I felt that for you to have
kept quiet for over six months and the whole
story started from your song, then his silence
meant a lot of things. I told them that I would give
him a week to clear my name and when he did
not do anything, I put out the conversation.
“When I called him at first, he said he was too
busy to do anything but when I posted the
conversation, he suddenly had time to talk and
even had time to record a song to ‘diss’ me.
Unfortunately ‘dissing’ me is like going into the
bush with a stick to fight a hunter. I was sorting
the whole thing out my way but when he put it
into music, I had to respond because he
mentioned my name in the song. I did not reply
by insulting him, instead I reminded him of how
he started, where he came from and where he is
in life right now. I reminded him of what I did for
him and for him to go against me was not right
and I ended it with ‘God bless you.’
“What I learnt from the whole scenario is the
need to be very careful and expect anything from
anybody. Although that is how I have been living
my life, I did not expect it from somebody that
was close to me. But now, I expect it from
everybody including my mother. Now I am careful
about everybody and everything,” he said.

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