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“I don’t really like ladies in the movie industry” The astounding popular Nigerian actress Queen mary adufe reveals.


By Gaglo blessing

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Mary Adufe, I live in the city of lagos, Nigeria with my parents who are blessed with four children. I studied communication and language at the university  of ibadan  then I worked as a journalist for a while before i resigned to work for popular yoruba actor Yinka Quadri as a secretary. Now I am a full time actress and I have featured in so many movies ,but i do more of soap operas and some of the jobs I have done includes footprint, Eldorado, Girls next door, kilanta etc. I’ve also featured in so many Yoruba movies like ‘ Metomi, Ona Abayo, Awofele, Adagbaje Raufu, Effisy po, Ologo, Modebi Ayomi, Ibere, etc, there is a couple of movies that I produced, ‘Ifokantan’ which is out and another fantastic movie which is yet to be out titled ‘Life drama’.

What inspired you to be an actress?

My inspiration is the love I have for writing, I started writing while I was In the primary school. I would write stories, read them and act them afterwards and that was how I generated an interest In acting, my parents and many others tried to discourage me but I believed in myself, and I believed in God that he would pave a way for me. although I didn’t know anybody in the industry or how to make my way into it so i started praying to God to connect me with the people who will help me realize my dream. To my surprise God heard my prayers and sent me help in the form of mrs Hassan, the wife of Mr Doyin hassan, a lecturer in the university of Obafemi Awolowo at Ibadan who needed some girls at that time to feature in a Yoruba movie. My room mate invited me and I featured in the movie titled ‘Laleyin'(lesbianism) and I did four scenes.

How was your growing up like?

Wow! My growing up was lovely but somewhat restrictive because my parents didn’t allow my siblings and I to mingle with people, keep friends, or go outside while we were home on holidays although my parents are good parents who took good care of their children and I am happy I am alive and doing well to make them proud. Even though I stayed in the hostel while I was in school, I didn’t go out except for lectures or other extra curriculum activity.

What are the challenges you faced been an upcoming actress? Yes ooh ! There are different challenges that an upcoming actor/actress faces, featuring in a movie without pay, and taking care of your own welfare among others. They call you and ask you to come for a shoot which you don’t get paid for at the end, even your welfare won’t be taken care of. The only production that caters to the needs of upcoming actors is soap opera productions,welfare will be taken care of and you get pay for each scenes/ whatever role you play.

When was your lowest moment in your career as an actress?

My lowest moment since I became an actress is working so hard and doing jobs and at the end you don’t get a reward for your efforts. It is not only discouraging but very bad, you may have to wait for a year or two before you get paid for featuring in a movie and like I said before they don’t cater for your welfare and yet the producers/marketers are making money out of your sweat.

Who is your role model in nollywood?

My number one role models and mentors before I mention anybody’s name is God ,my parents and Mr. Gabriel Olubunmi Omomoh who happens to be my special daddy because he has always been there for me. My role models in the movie industry are: Ricardo Agbor, Uti Nwawnchukwu, Femi Adebayo. I don’t really like ladies in the industry because their own is just too much and they are very proud but with the exception of few ones like Bimbo oshin, Mercy Aigbe, I also like funke Akindele when she’s not angry ( laughed)

Have you ever felt like giving up on your acting career?

Yes, on several occasions I felt like giving up but each time I remember what other great people in life went through before they made it, I felt strengthened. My strength and vigor is renewed afresh by that thought alone and I held firmly onto my belief that I will make it in the industry.

How do you cope with romantic scenes on set?

While on set playing romance, everybody is watching including the crew, directors are more watchful to see if you are deep in what you are doing or not, but while playing romance on set I think of my fiancé and how much I love him, how I can never love anyone else like him. This helps me cope with acting romantic scenes without letting go of myself. I am there but but my feelings get in the way.

Do you have any words of advice for other aspiring actors?

I want to tell them not to ever give up on whatever they want to achieve in life. Even in the midst of challenges they should forge ahead, make prayer their priority and keep believing in themselves.



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