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I will try as much as possible to make this
1. While in your room, if she tells you to close the
curtain that she prefers the room to be in dark
condition and you close the curtain looking
confuse and you still don’t get the message. My
brother, you are a bonafide dumb Jambite at
Secondary School Sat Level
2. When she tells you she’s feeling heat inside AC
and you zoomed off at Hussain Bolt pace to get
her hand fan… My brother make I nor deceive you.
You are a dumb niqqa at OND Level
4. When you are both watching an interesting
movie and she tells you she’s not enjoying it at
all and you inquired if she wishes to watch
another movie and she says YES that you should
put xxx adult movie (blue film)… If you still don’t
grab her message… You are a dumb niqqa at
HND Level
5. If you summon the courage to make a move
and she ask you ”what do you think you are
doing?’ And you start looking like someone who
just got a sack letter… You are a dumb niqqa at
Bsc Level
6. As humorous as you are, if she had been
laughing at every of your jokes and you noticed
she suddenly stopped laughing even as you try to
crack ribs breaking jokes. She starts staring at
you and licking one of her fingers… If you still
can’t grab her message, hmmmm my brother, you
are a dumb niqqa at Msc Level
7. If she keeps reminding you every 2mins that
she would be going soon and you still don’t grab
the message… My brother you are a dumb niqqa
at PhD Level

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