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Most celebrity marriages are

known to be short-lived and the

worst hit are those in the

entertainment sector. From last

year, 2013 to 2014, one of the

thriving entertainment sectors in

Nigeria, Nollywood has recorded

not less than 15 failed marriages;

most alarming are those that

crashed almost the moment they

were consummated, within 5


The most controversial of them,

was that of star actress Funke

Akindele who got married to

Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede despite

warning from friends who saw the

impending danger. The couple got

married on May 26, 2012. Barely a

year later, on Monday July 15

2013, Kehinde announced on

Facebook that their marriage was


After an initial denial on

Wednesday July 17 2013, Funke

confirmed the split on Friday July

19, 2013 through a message from

her publicist. The duo have since

moved on with their lives and

Funke is reported to have found

love again. Another controversial

separation that hit the social media

hard was that of actress, Chika Ike.

She officially announced the end of

her marriage on July 28, 2013 after

several years of controversy

rocking the marriage.The actress

was alleged to have quit her

marriage over physical assault. In

her words,”The past three years

have been a very emotional period

for me. I focused my energy on

work and to build back my self

esteem. It’s been really hard for me

to come out straight and talk about

this because sometimes I pinch

myself to wake up . I was 20 yrs

old and very naive to the world

when I got married . For five years

I hoped, prayed and wished that

one day it will all change.

But the last straw that broke the

camel’s back was during a heated

argument he threw a glass jug to

my face and I dogged it and it

shattered on the wall. I saw death

flash before me and I made a

decision to save my life. I left my

marriage.” Chika Ike got married

to her ex husband Tony Eberirire in

2006 and they got divorced July

2013.Then comes the marriage

scandal of Yoruba actress Laide

Bakare which shook the sector.

The light skinned actress dissolved

her marriage with her US based ex

hubby in May, which was about

the time she made it known via

social media. Laide’s marriage to

US-based Olumide Okufulire had

crashed over nine months before

she made the issue public. The

actress had successfully kept the

secret of her troubled marriage

from the press, save for few

people, who were aware of the

ugly development. She alleged to

have dumped her ex hubby and

father of her daughter after

securing an American green card,

which qualified her for some social

benefits in the USA. Issues ranging

from lies, deceit and infidelity were

brandied as the cause of their


However, she is now married to

Tunde Oriowo and the union is

blessed with a son. For star actress

who recently turned Muslim, Moji

Olaiya, her marriage ended last

year and that dealt her a big blow.

Another crashed marriage that

caused a stir was that of

Nollywood actor Solomon

Akiyesi.His was a case of bigamy

as he, left his eight months

pregnant wife in Port Harcourt and

came to Lagos to marry his

pregnant mistress but his wife

crashed the wedding, and it was


Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi

married Lillian Akiyesi seven years

ago, after the two dated for six

years. So they’ve been together for

thirteen years. After trying for

years to conceive, Lillian finally

got pregnant last year…but

unknown to her, her husband was

having an affair with a Lagos based

lady. She got to the event and

scattered the wedding that

eventually got cancelled. The

controversy was alleged to be the

catalyst to their separation. Another

actress with failed marriage is ,

Biodun Okeowo, who is also called

Tolani Osinrin, she is believed to

be a lady with many controversies.

She was alleged to be sent out of

her marriage with her ex husband

based on infidelity and lots more.

The union produced a son.

Another movie star with failed

marriage is fast-rising actress Juliet

Mgborukwe, a former Sound city

presenter, and model. In September

2011, Juliet met US based Chima

Ojukwu and within a week, they

were engaged. Less than three

weeks after they met, Juliet and

Chima had their introduction – on

the 29th of September 2011, which

was followed by a traditional


The white wedding was scheduled

to take place months later in the

US but it never held as the couple

parted ways over irreconcilable

differences. It will be recorded as

one of the shortest Nollywood

marriages so far. That of star actor

Joseph Benjamin came as a rude

shock as many didn’t even know

he had been married for 10 years

with two kids until trouble shook

their home front and the marriage


All efforts made by colleagues and

church members to re unite the

dark complexioned, good looking

actor and his ex wife proved

abortive. They have since their

separation, with the kids in the

custody of his wife. One name that

can’t be omitted in this write up is

that of top Nollywood movie

producer Tchidi Tchikere and his

ex wife Sophia Tchikere.

The marriage was one of the most

celebrated in Nollywood until few

years ago when the director cum

producer met and fell in love with

another actress Nuella

Njubigbo.Although the ex wife

kept pointing fingers at Nuella for

the reason behind her rocky

marriage with her husband of about

a decade and 3 kids, the actress

granted several interviews denying

she ever has anything to do with

the director. But few months ago,

they both finally made their

romance public and got married

traditionally. They now live as

husband and wife in their new

house in Ajah and the lady is said

to be pregnant with her first baby

with the director.

For actress, UCHE Iwuji and her

ex-hubby their union packed up

barely a year into their

controversial marriage. The ,

Nollywood actress, was married to

a businessman husband, Juwon

Lawal. Although she denied it

initially when the rumour started

making the rounds, Juwon released

a press statement on Friday 7

February, 2013 to confirm the end

of his marriage to the actress. They

both got married secretly at Ikoyi

registry in 2012 and separated in

February 2013.

When award winning director Jeta

Amata from the popular Amata

family also ended his marriage to

his wife Mbong while in the United

States, Jeta Amata, announced that

his marriage with his wife of 10

years has been dissolved. He

further went ahead to analyze why

they were calling it quits unlike all

the other failed marriages where no

one made explanations. According

to Jeta’s story, Mbong met him

when she was very young, married

him and became a mother in her

early 20s.

Mbong used to be a beauty queen;

in fact, she was Miss Akwa Ibom

in 2003, and after the pageant and

her marriage, she settled down to a

life of a housewife. She also

naturally took to acting but her

acting was limited. It was alleged

Mbong became so frustrated that

she left Jeta, and returned to

Nigeria. In his statement, Jeta says:

“Mbong is an amazing mother, an

incredible wife. If I didn’t cage her

so much, maybe we would still be

together. I stole her youth and

didn’t let her live her dream so it

was better to let her go and find

new adventures. Mbong has moved

on with her life, while Jeta is

dating an Australian actress by the

name, Viva Bianca. Viva is best

known for her role as Ilithyia in the

television series, Spartacus.

For Nollywood actress, Uche

Ogbodo, hers was the most pathetic

because it crashed before it was

properly consummated.The fair

skinned actress had a secret

traditional marriage ceremony on

Saturday October 5, 2013 to a

Norway based ex footballer Ato

Abby. But it packed up 2 months

after with the actress alleging she

was deceived by her husband to be.

Her marriage broke the record as

the shortest lived and she is

presently in America where she has

gone to deliver her new baby.

Also recently is the crashed

marriage between Nollywood

actor, Ibrahim Chatta and his wife,

Salamatu Lafiaji, the daughter of

former Kwara State governor,

Senator Shaaba Lafiaji,. Chatta and

Salamotu got married in April

2013, shortly after his first

marriage crashed due to allegations

of wife-beating which he

emphatically denied. Ibrahim had

maintained that his ex-wife,

Olayinka Solomon, never stayed at

home, or bothered to take care of

their child.

This, he said, was what drove him

into the arms of Salamotu in the

first place. However, the short-

lived union has hit the rocks. Close

family sources revealed that the

couple, who had their home in the

Ikotun area of Lagos, started

having problems shortly after their

wedding. The most recent failed

marriage at the moment is that of

Ghana star actress who also

features in Nollywood, Juliet

Ibrahim. her 4-year old marriage

to, Kwadwo Safo Junior, son of

Ghanaian inventor and leader of

Kristo Asafo Mission, Apostle

Kwadwo Sarfo has hit the rocks..

”She was quoted as saying that she

got involved with her ex-husband

briefly and in the course of the

friendship, she got pregnant for

him. The unplanned pregnancy is

what caused Kwadwo to marry her.

The actress, also shockingly

claimed that Kwadwo Safo’s

family did not support the marriage

from the onset. The family of her

husband failed to show up for the

marriage ceremony and have

openly showed their disapproval

and lack of support. The union

produced a son.




  1. It is only God who will help us. Marriage is not a try and error game, its a real life business loan one can’t finish paying in a life time. Although I’m still single, but I get saddened when I hear of broken marriages. Shit happens, we should learn to get over it and move on. If a marriage is cracking, is the woman’s duty to notice this on time and make it known to the husband and its the husband’s responsibility to fix it before the pieces become unhandy. I also heard about broken unions as a result of inability of the woman to conceive. This is the guilt of ALL of US in the industry. Male and Females with no exception. Especially our young despirado girls, some of which force themselves on movie crew just to get a role in a movie and at the end of the day when she’s biologically deflected, it becomes the concern of all. It is high time we learn our lessons abortion rate is another worm in our system. As far as I’m concern we can stay focus in marriage we just fail to make it work. Everyone knows what’s the truth; they just get better at lying. God will really help us.

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